The Davis Auditorium
Built in 1895
Here's a little information as to what has happened so far . . .
The Davis Auditorium will be preserved!  Thus was the action of the special called meeting of the Lancaster Camp
Meeting Association on February 17, 2007.  When news that the fate of the auditorium would need to be decided
before spring, letters were sent to all association members asking for their responses to this issue if they could
not be at the meeting.  Some wonderful replies were received.  Over 60 persons expressed their thoughts and
feelings about this awesome decision placed on us.  48 registered voters attended the meeting and decided to
preserve the building.  Many thoughtful questions were addressed and several challenges were spoken with deep
intensity and feeling for the future of the camp ground and it’s mission and purpose.

The article in the Eagle Gazette raised considerable interest in the
Lancaster community.  The large color picture and accompanying
article in the Columbus Dispatch February 17 created interest all
over the state and prompted phone calls beginning just 2 hours after
the meeting.  Great interest has been shown by so many whose life
changing decisions were made in this building and on the Camp
Ground!  We will share the growing list of persons with those who
are interested in renewing friendships with the “Camp Ground family.”

An account has been established at the Fairfield County Foundation
so monies received may start earning interest.  It is hoped that we will
receive enough to preserve the building and build a sufficient amount
that the interest will continue to provide the monies needed to
maintain the building.  The account is, “The Lancaster Camp Ground Auditorium Preservation Fund”.  
Some donations and pledges have already been received, but we have a long way to go.

A fund raising task force has been established as an extension of the Finance Committee to strategize and
facilitate this awesome and glorious project.   At the July 2008 Annual Meeting residents voted by majority to
continue the fund raising project for an additional 3 years.  A Cottage Owner has been appointed by the Trustees
to chair this committee.  We have contacted a professional fund raising team to help the project.  And are applying
for grants.  
 Let’s pledge and PRAY and help do it together!

Please read 2 Chronicles 7:14-16.  Claim the promise!
Auditorium Preservation Committee and Finance Committee
Lancaster Camp Ground
Columbus Dispatch
A Grand Old Building
built in

Checks may be made out to:      Fairfield County Foundation
Attn: Lanc. Camp Ground Auditorium Preservation Fund
or send directly to   Lancaster Camp Ground
2151 W. Fair Avenue
Lancaster, OH 43130
Memo section of checks should say, "LCG Auditorium Fund"
All gifts are tax deductible ~~ Prayerfully consider donating to this cause.
And Thank You!!! - to those who have donated thus far!
Are you one of those who spent childhood summers at the Camp Ground?
Took part in a Church Retreat, used to live here, or found the Lord here?  
Then you know the passion we have for preserving this hallowed site.  
Do you love historical buildings?   Please help us save this very unique one!
Funds are needed for preseration to keep it standing for another 100 + years!  
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Fund Raising Activities
We are in process of a pledge drive.
Pledges are being accepted.  Click the Arrow Icon to print a pledge form.

Make check payable to the Fairfield County Foundation and mail it
along with the completed Pledge Form to:
.        Lancaster Camp Ground   
.        2151 W Fair Avenue  
.        Lancaster OH 43130

Call if you have questions and we will be glad to answer them.
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The amazing archetecture has kept
it standing over 100 years and will
keep it longer - if you will help.
8-4-10  Thank you to the Lancaster Eagle Gazette
on a wonderful article about the Davis Auditorium
We are proud of this one of a kind structure.
An engineering marvel dedicated to the Lord!